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5 reasons why our clients Zag


Singular Focus

Our clients zag because they want a partnership with a firm that has done and continues to do SALES recruiting only. At Zag we focus on sales recruiting. Our clients rely on us to Identify, engage, & deliver driven sales professionals.



The cornerstone of our success in sales recruiting has been a relentless centering of our attention on results. This results orientation is pervasive at Zag Worx, from candidate interviews to client intake sessions.


Experience Leveraged

The Sales Recruiting experience we leverage for our clients generates the results they need to achieve their top & bottom line goals.


Consultative Approach

Our clients appreciate our consultative results-focused approach to Sales Recruiting. We have achieved an average of 1 accepted offer for every 3 candidates presented by quickly understanding our clients & their needs then presenting individuals who will drive sales team success.


Employment Brand Protection

We are an honorable firm focused on building strong positive relationships with each individual we approach. Considering the fact that we will have many conversations about your company and only place one person per opportunity your brand is being exposed to many individuals. We will represent your organization honorably and tell your story with accuracy and integrity.


I've been working with Michael for the past several years. Together with his guidance, I've been able to advance my career from an entry level sales role in a very transactional sales environment to a Senior Enterprise Sales Executive position with the world leader in the enterprise application and infrastructure industry. I've doubled my minimum earnings & OTE.
Joel Dunson
Joel Dunson
Senior Enterprise Sales Executive
Michael and his team are always willing to take the time to listen to our business needs and will calibrate their search to match the environment we are seeking to cultivate. They have been critical in finding high-caliber candidates for our sales teams. They consistently sends solid, insightful interviews that leave you excited and asking, “When can they start?” rather than wondering where the last thirty minutes of your life went.
MacKenzie Beffa
MacKenzie Beffa
Sales Ops Leads