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Sales Career Accelerators

There are some companies, managers, and leaders that can and will accelerate your career.

But how will you ever get in front of them? Do your resume and LinkedIn profile convey the value YOU bring to an opportunity and speak that value in terms THEY understand and will appreciate?

In this video, I’m going to explain the process you need to follow to convert your experience into accomplishments. This process is easy, and yet, only a rare few sales resumes and LI profiles that I come across actually convey this value properly. Those who do follow these steps will stand out in a great way!

Here’s the info on how to build an accomplishment for your resume and LinkedIn profile:

How to Measure & Document Achievements at Work

All the best!




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Don’t Sell the Wrong Opportunity to the Right Person!


So you’ve got a candidate to phone screen? Now you need to sell them on the opportunity, right? WRONG!


Just like in sales, you can’t sell until you’ve conducted a proper client needs/solution fit analysis. You must first seek to understand the candidate. Over the course of a quick and very focused conversation, you will determine the right title/opportunity within your sales organization that this person might fit into. You may have a great Major or Enterprise Account Executive in front of you and you’re preemptive pitch of an inside sales role may ruin your chances of landing the candidate.

Only when you’ve determined which opportunity makes the most sense for this prospective candidate can you start selling said opportunity. Here is a basic pie chart outlining the WIIFM sections you’ll need to cover to initially sell an opportunity.


Don’t sell the wrong opportunity to the right person!

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